I’ve been writing as long as I can remember: my parents gave me a typewriter for my 7th birthday, and I wrote my first novel on it.   In my late teens and early twenties, I won several writing contests, but then, I got married and life threw my writing for a loop of many sidetracks.  When my two daughters came along, I realized that caring for my family (like feeding them instead of writing) needed to take priority over playing with my muse.

I have degrees in French and Microbiology, and a Masters in Science, and am employed full time as a second language elementary school teacher.  I’ve been married for twenty five years to the same man, who patiently listens to all my ideas and trouble shoots for me, and have two lovely daughters who are quickly growing up and becoming young adults.  I’m active in my church choir, direct a hand chime choir, and play with robots (both VEX and Lego), and am a long time fiber artist (costuming, sewing, knitting, spinning, I love it all).  It is a rare day when I don’t have something happening.

Writing, though, is my passion.  Through everything, I never really stopped writing, as the piles of papers and ideas and novels currently clogging my files and drawers and hidden spaces can attest. (Currently, there are 9 finished manuscripts, and at least a dozen others in various stages of completion in the files, along with five finished short stories.)

Now that my babies are older, my muse is insisting it is time to get going again, only this time, to go the full extra mile:  write, publish, repeat.


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