Writing writing writing

Dear Reader,

We are in the last throes of the summer, and youngest is finally able to go to the cottage around her physiotherapy appointments.  This week is a full house of appointments including a check up  with the surgeon. But after that we should be able to relax on the quiet shores of Lake Joseph and canoe around the island.  Youngest and I both agreed that this was the strangest summer on record, the first that we did not spend several weeks and weekends at the cottage with them swimming and me writing.

I have pushing myself to get as many pieces in place with the marketing  and new website as I can before school starts. That small bit of success is addictive and I want to keep going with all the things. You know: do all the things, finish all the things, fix all the things, make them all pretty!  Finish it all Now!  A lot of the new pages on the website are working and have words on them–yay!–but fixing all the things that did not work quite right has turned into the major time suck of life beyond all imagination.

I muttered at one of my friends about the evil time sucking ways of marketing and she asked me two questions:  1.  Don’t you have a nephew/neighbor/child who can make your website work?   And 2.  Why are you spending all your time marketing?  Why aren’t you writing?

This was the necessary kick in the pants to get the derriere back into the chair.  Between my quiet time hiding at my sister’s store on off hours and a huge focus today, I wrote and edited my reader magnet, a short story about Fairhaven and how the family at North Watch Keep got their awareness of the land.

If you are signed up to my email list, you will get the freebie as soon as it is available (and it should go to your choice of eReader).   New subscribers should get  the story  auto-magically once I get it all worked out.  Yes, I know.  I used that evil word: should… We shall see how smoothly I manage.  Hopefully it will go smoother than the list sign ups which was not smooth.   I am super grateful for the people who signed up, told  me they did not get the opt-in email, and then signed up again after I fixed it.  I am lucky to have such awesome readers and friends.   If all goes well tomorrow, I will have a sign up for the list on this site too.

As the summer is rapidly coming to a close, I look back and realize both how far I have come this summer and how far I have to go.  I published a book, but I didn’t go places and see people.  I have just over two weeks to stuff as many things into my days as I can while still writing.  It is a good thing Balance is not my byword.

How about you, dear reader?  Have you done anything awesome this summer?  Accomplished a dream or tried something new?  Did you read a good book while you were sitting beside the lake or on the train?  What would you like to stuff into your last two weeks of summer before we get back on the ‘school train’ for the year?

Send me those book recommendations!  I have two weeks left to read before I have to mark first.  I would love to know what was on your book list.


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Fantasy, Science Fiction, Techno-Thriller, Paranormal Fantasy: life is too short for just one genre.
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