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Wow, look at this place….

Dear Reader, You know I am moving the blog, right? This is the last (or maybe the second to last post) I will be writing here before I move everything over to my new site Just saying that in … Continue reading

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Writing writing writing

Dear Reader, We are in the last throes of the summer, and youngest is finally able to go to the cottage around her physiotherapy appointments.  This week is a full house of appointments including a check up  with the surgeon. … Continue reading

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Everyone wants a 3D book image, right?

The next step of getting a book ready for publication (besides sending it off to people like beta readers and editors, copy editing, proof reading…) is finding or making or buying a book cover.  I don’t know if you have … Continue reading

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Dragons and Psychics and Magic, oh my

Dear Reader, This past week has been a lot of crazy up and down.  I am still trying to juggle all the writing as a career pieces–publishing, marketing, editing, writing and more writing–along with the stuff of life: keeping the … Continue reading

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The next phase….

What I am learning about writing is that there is always something else to do.  This is very true because I am trying to stuff creating the vast majority of my ‘author website’ development in before I get back to … Continue reading

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Do You Struggle With Picking a Book title?

The first draft of the newest novella is done! With the help of  Nayor, a black dragon, Anary and Flax try to stop Jentha from overrunning Fairhaven. And the book description: The Overlords were once called the Speakers of the Dragons … Continue reading

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Typos and grace under pressure

Dear Reader, I knew that publishing would in some way move me from writer to author but I think I underestimated the impact becoming a ‘published author’ would have on my life. Something undefinable changes when you publish.  In one … Continue reading

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