Into the Wild–or beginning my collection of rejection slips.

This week I took a huge step along the way to becoming a published author:  I released three pieces ‘into the wild’ so to speak, by submitting them a short story contest, my first in many years.  It is exciting, and slightly nauseating at the same time, to let your writing go and be admired or rejected (or both).   It feels somewhat like standing on a street corner naked.  Some people will admire, some will jeer, and some won’t even notice you standing there because they are so caught up in their own lives. 

But, it is done, and now the waiting begins.    

I take comfort in the fact that all three pieces have passed  the daughter proofing test–being read out loud to my youngest, a writer herself, and that the writing made her both laugh and cry.  They are some of the finest writing I have produced. And, I take realistic stock in the fact that this particular publisher reads 40 000 pieces a year, and publishes approximately 40. Looking at these statistics,  I am forced to believe that this release ‘into the wild’ will begin my collection of rejection slips.  The statistics are sobering. Still, it is a big step simply to submit and let go.    

In other news, I have started my work on the next novel, with a working title Under the Microscope.  The sentence:   Betrayed by her former husband and her government, a research microbiologist must discover a way to protect her daughter while preventing rival agencies from using her work to create global chaos. 

I am 10K into the first section, the betrayal.  It is fun to get into these characters heads.  They are complex and interesting and different, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with all of you.  Until next week, dear reader. 


About Eli Winfield, author

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Techno-Thriller, Paranormal Fantasy: life is too short for just one genre.
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